About us

Gratitude is the memory of heart. As we have completed 6 years of dedicated service on December 28th 2010, we feel proud of ourselves that we have contributed our mite to Konkani speaking people across the globe with the help of  our beloved collaborators, friends, members and well wishers.


Konkanifriends.com is the World’s Konkani speaking families’ favourite website operated from United Kingdom and Mangalore India. This was started by Raj Francis Pereira and his wife Reshma Lobo in the form of Yahoo group on 28th December 2004 which later developed in the form of a website in January 2005.


The primary objective of Konkanifriends.com has always been to promote Konkani language, news and literature to Konkani speaking community who live at the different parts of the world. It also aims at recognizing the talents of the young Konkani writers, singers, social workers, and all those who meritoriously contribute for the development of our mother tongue Konkani. Further to this it aims to identify people of such calibre, promote their talents through our web media and reward the most deserving personalities as a token of our recognition and sincere appreciation.


In the year 2007 (March and June) Konkanifriends.com collaborated with Samanvaya Mangalore and Dirvem Konkani Weekly. Konkanifriends.com launched its mega Konkani professional website on the 16th of December 2007 whilst celebrating its third anniversary, awarding the most deserving person for their contribution over the last three years and also collaborating with the IT infrastructure company Dreamsoft Technology Private Limited for further development. Since then Samanvaya, Dirvem Konkani Weekly, Dreamsoft Technology and Konkanifriends.com are working hand-in-hand in order to achieve a common objective.


On 14th April 2009 - 6 Konkani veterans were also honoured by conferring them the title Konkan STAR-2008. On January 10, 2010 Konkanifriends.com marked the occasion of its 5th anniversary. Konkanifriends Welfare Fund was inaugurated under the auspices of Samanvaya by Mrs Agnes Gladys Pereira. In June 2010 Konkanifriends.com also collaborated with another leading Konkani Weekly Paper Kutam from Mumbai India.


Today Konkanifriends.com has two senior editors on board, Mr. John A. Monis of Dirvem Konkani Weekly and Mr. Henry D’ Paula of Kutam Weekly. They are not only demonstrating their editorial expertise in both of their Konkani Papers but also in konkanifriends.com too.


Konkanifriends.com is grateful to Samanvaya, Dirvem, Dreamsoft, Kutam and all its team members, for their dedicated services to Konkanifriends.com. Konkanifriends.com is also grateful to its own team members, its friends, KCAUK association, MUKA associations too.


Now Konkanifriends.com further aspires to continue to render its services with all their united support in the years to come.

Konkanifriends.com is a non profitable, charitable website who has been contributing to its community over the years. If you feel that you can also contribute to Konkanifriends.com in any form or wish to support its cause, then please write to the editor in chief of Konkanifriends.com at [email protected] with your contact details. We look forward to hear from you.