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About The Software:

We develop standalone as well as Server-Client Model Solutions for your organization. Our products include verity of solutions for the development and management of your organization. We develop custom software tailored and suited for your needs. Whatever is your budget, Dreamsoft fits your Bill. Maximum performance, feature packed, user friendly software is no longer at a premium.


Rich internet applications are all at a rage today. Using the latest technologies and frameworks from Adobe(Flex, Apollo, Flash, Actionscript, Spry), Microsoft (ASP.net, Webservices, ASP.net AJAX, Silverlight), PHP, MYSQL AB, Ruby on Rails, haXe, Sun(Java) we can develop web based applications/ products for your organization.

We can help with your organisation's website or community portal website. These websites donot need a web developer's presence to run it or maintain it. Anybody with basic knowledge of any popular word processors can operate it. No knowledge of any HTML or any programming language required.

Application Porting:

In todays connected world, interoperability and internet/network enabled application are a necessity. We can port your intranet/ internet application to the desktop as well as your data enabled desktop application to the internet using the popular .Net Framework on the windows platform and using PHP, ROR or Java in the Linux/Windows Platform.


We pay special attention to the quality assurance of the products and services we deliver. We believe that this is the best way to make products work as effectively as possible. Our clients can rely on our products working stably and as designed because we put an emphasis on quality assurance as a key factor in project success. By investing into quality assurance, we invest into our customers' business stability, and thus - value.

Why Dreamsoft?

Dreamsoft is located in the Picturesque Costal town of Surathkal just 20 Kms from Mangalore City. Surathkal is a well known place for its beautiful beaches and as a center for education. Surathkal is home to one of India's best technical institutes - - The National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK), formerly known as Karnataka Regional Engineering College (KREC), which needs no introduction. Surathkal is also home to such industries such as MRPL, HPCL, BPCL, MCF, and a host of manufacturing industries at Baikampady Industrial Area.

Surathkal is brimming with native talents in the field of science and technology. Neighboring to it are centers such as Manipal, Udupi and Mangalore, which are hubs of education and advances in science and technology.

It is a much comfortable place to settle in and has highly skilled and talented native people. As a result Dreamsoft, boasts of skilled professionals and a very low attrition rate. The location for Dreamsoft technologies enables a stable work environment, highly skilled professionals and low development and running costs. Personal can work for longer hours and more comfortably than in other cities because they are nearer to their home and less time is wasted for travel. Employees are much healthier and happier at Dreamsoft due to its comfortable work environment and location.

Dreamsoft's premises is centrally and strategically located, connected by air, land and sea. Located at the NH 17 highway, with a nearby international airport, seaport and railway station, its an ideal location for an IT-ES company.

Why you should choose Dreamsoft?

Apart from the obvious advantages of its strategic location, Dreamsoft has extensive experience in the Software development life cycle, Testing Life cycle, product delivery, Product support, BPO and KPO.

Dreamsoft also has the support of the neighboring research centers and educational institutions to supply any niche or demanding expertise required to execute any product or a plan.

You can be rest assured to entrust your needs unto us to execute it the way you want. Your satisfaction is our priority

Contact Us:


Dreamsoft Technologies,
2nd floor, A S Towers,
Mangalore - 575014
Land Line : 91 - 0824 - 4284601
Mobile : +919964214601

United Kingdom:
Dreamsoft Technolgies
21, Ferguson Road
United Kingdom

Contact Email : [email protected]
Support Email : [email protected]

Also visit our website at: http://www.dreamsoft.co.in/

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