Dr. Gerald Pinto
Dr. Gerald Pinto A Noted Konkani Writer & Career Builder
Posted On: 11/11/2007 18:00 GMT
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Konkan StarDr. Jerald Pinto is a Man well known for his sharp intellect, hard work, dedication, clean thinking, disciplined life and above all a man of commitment to the cause. He is a Konkani writer, researcher, teacher, editor, guide and philosopher.  He is well known in Karnataka by his pen name ‘Jery Niddodi’.

Birth & Education:

Jerald was born on May 25, 1957 to a devout couple Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Mary Pinto at Niddodi, Kudri Padavu. A lovely boy with smiling face became an apple of the eye to his neighbours. Who knew that this child would be much sought after by so many to quench their intellectual thirst and as a career guide?

Having completed his schooling and degree in science, Jerald entered the portals of higher studies embracing M.Sc. in Physics at Mysore University. His incessant thirst for knowledge and for career building forced him to start research resulting in Doctorate in Nuclear Physics in 1981. In 1982 he secured Diploma in Journalism and in 2000 Post Graduate Diploma in Konkani language with distinction.

Family Life:

Dr. Jerald married Merciline Sera in 1986 and is blessed with 2 Daughters, Deepa and Divya and resides at Divya Deepa, Ozanam Road, Kalianpur, Santhekatte Post – 576105 in Udupi District of Karnataka State.


Career Builder Dr. Jerald started his career as physics teacher at Kalianpur, Milagres College and continues to be there. It is from here he builds career of numerous students.

Dr. Jerald and Konkani Language:

Dr. Jerald entered the scene of Konkani writers at the age of 15 when he was studying IX Std in 1973 through a short story, ‘Magir Rodon Faido Na’ published in Sevak Magazine. Ever since he has written 5 novels, 24 short stories, 8 poems, 31 articles on journalism training.

He has done research on Kudmi Konkani and published the same. The portraits collection on Gumot Songs, Weddings, Festal Celebrations etc. are brought out in the book form. He is working on ‘Maan Monis’ of 20th Century where recognized and distinguished Konkani personalities are brought to lime light.

More than 500 career guidance seminars are to his credit. He was the president of Catholic Sabha Mangalore in 1994-1996 and was also the founder trustee and secretary of the prestigious of Manasa Rehabilitation and Training Centre, Pamboor for the mentally challenged children.

Literary Achievements:

Dr. Jerald Authored

1.      Physics text book in 2002
2.      Co-authored I & II B. Sc. Physics text under Mangalore University in 2005.
3.      Higher Education and Job Opportunities (Kannada)
4.      Government Schemes to the poor and backward people (Kannada)
5.      Editor of the trimonthly magazine, ‘Samparka’ (Kannada)

Other Achievements:

  1. Member of Raknno Editorial Board 1984-1994 
  2. Co-editor of the Konkani Monthly ‘Amcho Sandesh’ (2005-2006)
  3. Editor of the ‘Amcho Sandesh’ (2000-2003 and 2006)
  4. Editor of the Parish Bulletin of Kallianpur Parish, ‘Milarchin Laran’ from 14 years
  5. News reporter to various Newspapers and Websites

Other Research Works:
1. Written 8 Research Papers on ‘Splitting of Gama Rays from its Source’ on International
Research Magazine and presented papers in 5 National Workshops

2. Nuclear Radiation in Udupi District Soil

Dr Jerald inspite of his multifarious talents and numerous achievements lives a very simple life. His Column on website konkanifriends.com ‘Maan Monis’ is inspiring.  This Konkani son of the soil deserves to be honoured by the title Konkan Star and hence Konkanifriends.com confers on him this prestigious honour of Konkan Star. Long live Dr. Jerald Pinto.   

By Rev.Dr.Ronald Cutinha

Edited and Published By Raj Francis Pereira

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