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Posted On: 30/01/2008 11:53 GMT
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Mumbai: A lot is being written and said about Govinda persuading writer-director Neeraj Vora to change the title of his comedy 'Run Bhola Run' to 'Do Lucky'. But no one knows that the alternative title belonged to the actor's production house.

'That's right,' laughed the actor. ''Do Lucky' was a title registered with my production company Govinda Entertainment. I suggested it to Neeraj in place of 'Run Bhola Run' and he gladly accepted it.'

'See, 'Run Bhola Run' sounded too much like a sequel to 'Bhagam Bhag'. I told Neeraj he might as well call his film 'Bhagam Bhag 2'. Just because you put two 'runs' in the title, it doesn't mean the film will run,' joked Govinda.

In fact, the title for Ravi Chopra's 'Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai' was also suggested by Govinda.

'They had some problems with the other title 'Pappu Paas Ho Gaya'. I thought 'Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai' is far more appropriate.'

Govinda has also been accused of stalling the shooting while a numerologist was summoned on the sets of Vora's film to change the title.

'Why would I summon anyone else?' reasons Govinda. 'I'm a very good numerologist myself. In fact, many years ago when I started my career I changed my name from Govind to Govinda, and it worked.'

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