Mangalore: Training on “Water Management” at Hotel Pentagon
Posted On: 03/03/2009 21:00 GMT
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By Samanvaya Team Members:
March 3rd 2009:“It is not correct to evaluate peoples progress by their earnings, by the towns & built, cities raised and number of temples and fortress erected by them.  Progress depends on how effectively people have conserved natural resources, how they have kept the environment clean without harming nature so that the future generation may lead a happy life, and how they have maintained nature in equilibrium with soil, water, air, the flora and the fauna.  As these resources are invaluable for human life on earth, it is essential that we work for their conservation.  The depths of the earth must be recharged with water, the precious gift of nature, so that it can be used in times of emergency.  Let us restore and replenish the ponds, lakes, tanks etc. of our forefathers and construct new ones individually and collectively. While feeding ourselves, let us also feed the earth with water and prevent drought. Due to deforestation, these days, we have to do the water conservation artificially, what dense forests used to do once said Rev. Dr Ronald Cutinha, the Director of Samanvaya during the training on Water Management held on February 28, 2009 for the NSS students of Sarosh Institute of Hotel Administration at Hotel Pentagon, Mangalore.

Slides showing the preparation of soak pits, collection of roof water, construction of bunds and vented dams and of different models of rainwater harvesting helped the participants understand water conservation methods fully.
The NSS students of Sarosh Institute of Hotel Administration under the leadership of lecturer Mr Terence Rodrigues had organized this programme at Sarosh Institute of Hotel Administration Auditorium and around 50 students attended it.
Edited & Published by Raj Francis Pereira
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