Feast of our Lady of Pompei, Urwa, Mangalore
Posted On: 10/12/2009 18:29 GMT
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By Ivan C Monteiro, Urwa, Mangalore

Press Note, Pictures and Excerpts from Rev Fr Victor D’mello, Parish Priest, Urwa, Mangalore.





Mother Mary has appeared to many people in the history of mankind in the past centuries.  Her messages were personal through apparitions, visions and miracles. Many times in the past she has stressed through these messages to pray for the mankind, world peace and the world leaders. Very often the messages were very stern and tough to mend the ways of the people and live a life of purity and divinity and forgo the worldly desires. When our Lady appeared to people and the children in the past she emphasized to pray the rosary daily. Saint Dominic received the message to pray the Rosary and promised Protection to all those who pray.



Our Lady of Rosary:


Bartholo Largo was a renowned lawyer of the 18th century.  His profession had taken him to great heights and his life was lavish with worldly contentment.  In the 1872 when he visited his estate in Valley De Pompei in Italy along with his wife, had a personal experience of Mother Mary thru a vision. He then changed his life and become ardent devotee of Mother Mary.  True to his devotion he built a magnificent church single handedly in the honour of Our Lady of Rosary. Today our Heavenly Mother is fondly called as “our Lady of Pompei”.



Our Lady of Pompei, Urwa:


Devotion of “our lady of Pompei” spread far and wide in the late 18th Century and thereafter. By the end of the 19th Century the European Missionaries brought this devotion to India during the colonial rule in India.  On 25th January 1895 an altar was erected at the present premises of the Urwa Church in honour of “Our Lady of Pompei”.  In the year 1915 Rev Fr A J Dsouza who was himself a great devotee of “Our Lady of Pompei”  took charge as the Parish Priest introduced the Devotion of “Our Lady of Pompei”  at Urwa. Ever since the devotion many people of all walks of life have experienced miraculous cures in their life. Many families have been blessed and others have experienced a personal touch.  People from other religions came at the feet of “our Lady of Pompei” and take her Blessings ever since this devotion to “our Lady of Pompei. In the year 1995 Msgr Rev Fred Pereria who himself was inspired by the devotion took the lead with the help of the devotees and built a shrine to “Our Lady of Pompei”.




Hundreds of people flock to the shrine everyday to pray. People young and old come to this shrine to pray the Rosary or experience the touch of “Our Lady of Pompei” in silence. It’s inspiring to see young boys and girls belonging to different caste and religion come in large Numbers to pour out their problems at the feet of Mother Mary.  Passerby or the Drivers of the Vehicles bow down their when they pass this Holy Shrine on the main road.  The harden heart melts, the sorrowful heart is comforted when we silently pour out our problems to our Holy Mother at her feet.  Today countless people are a living example to the favours and miracles received thru the intervention of “Our Lady of Pompei”. Many who come to this shrine experience the inner peace and joy in their life. It is often said by the locals anyone who visits this shrine and prays never goes empty handed.  When we humbly pour out our heart to “Our Lady of Pompei”, she consoles and comforts and the problems melt. So she is rightly called as “Refuge of Sinners”. Every Child of hers who goes to her feet at the Shrine gets this Refuge. People belonging to every community have a special place in the Heart of “our Lady of Pompei” so they devotedly call her “Pompei Mathe”.



Annual Feast of “Our lady of Pompei”, Urwa, Mangalore:


Every year thousands of people experience this touch at the shrine especially during the Annual Feast of “Our Lady of Pompei”.  This feast falls on the second Sunday of December every year and this year it falls on the 13th of December. The Open Air Mass is celebrated in honour of Our Lady of Pompei followed by the Eucharistic Procession and the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. It will be a great and reviving experience to take part in this holy Eucharistic mass and the Procession with the Final Blessings. With the dynamic and able leadership of Rev Fr Victor Dmello the present Parish priest, special arrangements are made for devotees who come to this annual feast this year.  As this is the only shrine of “Our lady of Pompei” in the city, the Parish Priest and the Parish Management committee and Urwa Parishnors feel there will be a large crowd this year during the annual feast.


Rev Fr Victor, the Present Parish Priest  has invited all the Catholics to come and join this Annual Feast day Celebrations and experience the blessings and peace  from the Lord  through the intervention of “our Lady of Pompei” in our families on this great occasion.



Church Services on the Feast Day:


5.45am  Festive Mass in Konkani

7.15am  Festive Mass in Konkani  in honour of Immaculate Conception the Parish patron(for Parishioners only)

8.45am  Festive Mass  in English

9.45am  Festive Mass in Konkani (Confessions before the Mass for the sick and the elderly Followed by Mass and anointing of the sick)

5.30pm  Solemn Eucharistic Mass in Konkani in honour of our Lady of Pompei  (Open air);  Homily  will be preached in Kannada

7.00pm  Eucharistic Procession

8.15pm  Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament

8.30pm  Fire works




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