Thank You One and All
Posted On: 28/12/2009 02:30 GMT
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Dear beloved Members, Writers, Readers, Associates, Well wishers and my dear friends.
On behalf of, its team and committee members, I am delighted to share a few words with you all today to express our happiness on the occasion of 5th Anniversary. 
We thank the Almighy today for giving me the enthusiasm and the courage to lead this responsible task. We also thank our friends from UK Mr. Santosh Pinto, Mr. Stany Rodrigues, Mr. Santosh Sequiera, Mr. Cyril Pinto, Mr. Ronald Lobo and their families who motivated us to start this task and we remain ever greatful to them.
Konkanifriends initially started with a few objectives in the year 2005 with a Yahoo group to begin with and later began to develop the website in the year 2006. was initially well supported by the former members and well wishers like Mr.Ancy Paladka of Mumbai, Mrs.Mamtha D'souza of Dubai , Mr.Maurice D'mello of Canada, Mr. Jeevan D'silva of Bangalore and Mr. Ashok Cutino of Dublin. remembers them in a special way today and thank them for all their support.

In the year 2006 due to lack of expertise and lack of technical knowledge failed to promote Konkani in its website and had to promote Konkani in the form of images. today specially remembers Mr. Melwyn Vaz the former webmaster of UK Konkans London, who with his research and development shared his ideas with us and made Kannada script to appear in our website. and its team members salute Mr. Melvyn Vaz and his family for this great help and will remember him forever.

With the technical success of the objective was well supported by Mr. Stany Mendonca of Sunderland UK, Mr. Ronald Lobo of Manchester UK, Mr. Richard Pashan of Newcastle UK, Mr. Austin Prabhu of Chicago, Mr. Cyril Vas of Bangalore, Mr. Ancy Paladka of Mumbai, Mr. Valley Quodras of Kuwait, Mr. Francis Furtado of Mumbai, Mr. Melvin Rodrigues of Mangalore, Mr. Vinod Barboza of Manchester UK, Mr. Remigius Lobo of Belthangady, Mr. John Ronald Pereira of Mumbai, Mr.Stan Ageira of Dubai, Mrs.Monica Desa of Dublin and Mr. Maurice D'mello of Canada by contributing their valuable articles to us.

The year 2007 was the most important and it took the major turn for Our special thanks our esteemed collaborators Samanvaya Mangalore, Dirvem Konkani Weekly, SHPC Consultants and Konkani Writers Association of Karnataka.We also thank the Managing Trustee of Samanvaya Rev.Dr.Pius Fidelis Pinto and the director of Samanvaya Rev.Dr. Ronald Cutinha. is most blessed to have them because, they further motivated & supported us in many ways. Our special thanks to Mr. John Monis the chief editor of Dirvem Konkani Weekly and our team member, Mr. Jenkin D’souza of Dreamsoft Technologies, and Rev.Fr.Sunil Veigas who have played a vital role in achieving the objectives of Today salutes all these gentlemen for all their support and their hard work. felicitated and awarded many achievers during the year 2007 and 2008. Many new columns like Kavitaa, Konkani Articles, Konkani Short Stories, Konkani Novels, Parichay, Mahan Monis, Hip Hip Hurray, Recipes, Konkan Kuzn, Abalagim Savalam, Haptealim Chintanam, Lenten Reflections, Konkan Doctor's Corner, Moral Stories, Bhognnam, Kanoon Darshan, Children Stories,  Konkan Stri, Udhka Pondlim Pavlam, Sobit Saunsar, Vhadlimaimchi Piscology, Jirgi Mirsang, Filmi Gossip, Ek Nadhar, Vidamban, Vinodh, Satam Khatham, Zanvaiechim Sangnieo, Pampalem, Kharandhai, Ek Ghadith, Konkani Hapthiealem, Minkule, Indian Law, Jivithachi Kathaa, Axeim Gadtha, Internet Kathaa, Virarai, and Sankov were published with the writings of many noteworthy writers. As on today has 346 poems, 191 articles, 124 Weekly thoughts, 145 stories, 119 Abalagim Savalam issues 318 bhognnas and many more columns will be reaching more than hundred in the next year.
It is difficult to mention every ones names at this moment but, its team and committee members thank each and every writer, reader, and also those who have posted the comments and have sent the greetings for us to publish in a very special way. Without your support is null. Thank you once again for all the support you have given to us and we look forward for your continued support in the years to come. 
We also take this opportunity to thank our associates and our team members. We thank team members, Samanvaya and its team members, Dirvem and its team members, KCAUK and its team members, Dreamsoft and its team members, MUKA and team members, SHPC consultants and team members for all their support over the years and also look forward for their continued support in the years to come. is keen to promote Konkani Language and Culture and it has been working for the Konkani community for the last five years. There were many requests which we received over the years to sponsor some children who are in need for their education. could not help them because we did not have any public funds to do so. Hence the committee has now decided to start a welfare fund in order to help those who are in need. Our Committee is working on the policies for this fund so that it can be given to those who meet the criteria. This should be finalized by the end of January 2010 and the details will be published in our website in the next year.

I thank my better half  Reshma and my son Raul for their dedicated support and their sacrifice of our family life over the last five years.
Last but not least, On behalf of my team and committee members We thank each one of you for all your support and wish you and your families a prosperous New Year 2010. May the Lord God bless you all with good health, success and happiness in the years to come
Best compliments of the season
Raj Francis Pereira
Editor –in-Chief

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