Bangalore: Kanara Catholic Association presents “Mood ManGLOWrean”
Posted On: 02/02/2010 19:26 GMT
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By Rashmi Fernandes, Bangalore

February 2nd : As the sunset into the horizon and the full moon took charge of lighting up a wonderful evening, which will always, be remembered by all. The “Mood ManGLOWrean” celebration was organized on 30th January 2010 by the Kanara Catholic Association which is the oldest and largest Konkani Association in Bangalore.

The Manglorean spirit was felt by everyone at the Catholic Club.  As the guests stepped in, the Manglorean Culture was highlighted as the entrance was converted into a Mathov with braided coconut leaves, decorated on either sides to look like a Gauncho kuzn. Mudo, Thodpem, Nivnem, Xinkieo, Valnim and Modki were available for the guests to remind them of our ancient Manglorean culture.

The trays full of kaleys (Jasmines) and Abolims were available for the ladies.  The air was filled with delicately perfumed marigold and chrysanthemum. There was a thrill when the MC, Tina Andrade-Joseph started the programme with the words of the popular song “Konkani Amchi Bhaas, Konkan Aamcho Gaum……..” . An evening to rekindle memories of “Amchi Kodiyaal”

The tables were laid out with little lamps, betel leaves and nuts. To add to the ambience, the guests came dressed in the traditional Mangalorean attire. Men in their Pudve, Kurtao and Mundaas. Women with their handloom saree's, hair rolled up in a Xendo (bun) adored with the Jasmine and Abolim flowers.

“Dream Tonez”, one of the Bangalore’s popular band gave their best entertainment to the guest.  They entertained the 1500 strong crowd down the memory lane with Konkani hits over the years. The packed dance floor was the testimony to the popularity of the band. People of all age groups swayed and just could not get enough of the baila.  The tempo and merriment continued when the DJ took over with his remixes until the end.

The cultural dance show cased our kids, youth and elders portraying a transient in one’s life.  Everyone was in awe of the talents of the vibrant, enthusiastic participants. The performance was truly brilliant and entertaining. None other than our very own, Preetha Pereira choreographed the dance.


The authentic Coastal cuisine tickled every taste bud with its sumptuous spread, getting nostalgic memories of Mai’s cooking – boiled rice with bimblim saar and Galmbi chutney, Khubey Mutlim, Isvon fish fry, Pathra-de, Kori Kachhpu, Mutton Isthew, Pork Rakthi, Baffat and Indhaad. Poli accompanied all this, like Sannas, Paan-Po-Les, Appams, Xevios and Mangalore buns.  Desserts included the delicacies like Gulieo, Kheer, Haldi Khole Patholeo and Mannim.

It was clearly evident that you cannot keep a Manglorean away from good food and music. The Konkani quiz put forward by the MC had many of participants approching the stage with the answers to claim their prizes.

The guests were witnessed socializing with their friends, neighbours and classmates. One could see the camaraderie building up and fostering a feeling of belonging to the community.

Mood ManGLOWrean turned out to be a memorable event not only for the community members but also for the non-Mangaloreans who were very enthusiastic witnessing the show.

The event was possible only because of the tireless and meticulous efforts of the President of the KCA, Mr. Vitus Pinto and our various sponsors, the main being Mr.Ronald Colaco and family.

The assemblage thanked Mr.Vitus Pinto for giving everyone an exclusive Mangalorean evening.

Edited and Published By Konkanifriends Team

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