Stan Night at Don Bosco Hall
Posted On: 18/08/2010 19:26 GMT
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Photo & News Courtsy: Team, Mangalore.

Mangalore: St. Vincent De Paul Society Cascia to complete their project, presented the 'Stan Nite', today 15th August, 2010 at the Don Bosco Hall, Mangalore at 6 p.m.

The program began with a silent prayer to pay tribute to Konkan Kogul, Late Wilfy Remimbus. There was a power point presentation on Wilfy's golden steps in the Konkani Musical world.

Stan Mendonca, born and brought up in Cascia, Mangalore and presently working in U.K., composed all the songs of today's nite. Today's first song "Manglurcha Sheranth Kogul.", dedicated to Late Wilfy Remimbus was sung by Anitha Samson and Stan. Rony D'Cunha sung the song 'Reshma' accompanied with the foot tapping dance of the Cascia Parish dance troupe.

Viola and group sung 'Pavsa', with their melodious voice. Pokri Kalakar, Mr. Floyd and group entertained the crowd with a short skit. Stan Mendonca once again appeared on stage with 'Mai'. Then Ashwija Mendonca and Rony D'Cunha sung 'Pisolya' along with the butterfly dance by the Cascia dance troupe.

Joseph Mathias (Director, Merit Freight and Logistics, Dubai) sung 'Pumpwellcha Circlelar' and the entire crowd showered a big round of applause on him. Pokri Kalakar entertained the crowd with their rib tickling jokes. 'Jeevan Hai Monshya', 'Fullule Fulu' and 'Talio Peta' songs were sung by Stan Mendonca, Ms. Ashwija and Rony Crasta.

There was a stage program. Mr. Sundeep Castelino (President, St. Vincent De Paul Society) escorted the guests to the dais.  All the guests were honoured with floral bouquets. Stan Mendonca's 2nd CD, 'Yego Pisolya', was released by Mr. Joseph Mathias.

Later, addressing the gathering Mr. Joseph Mathias said, "Many singers/musicians do not get proper support from their own community and some leave their home town to earn their daily bread. Stan Mendonca is one of them. He was very passionate about music but he did not get much support when he was working here in K.M.C. Hence, he decided to leave his country and started to work in Sunderland, U.K." While concluding, he stressed to the gathering to encourage Konkani musicians as well as writers and promote their work.

Stan Mendonca was honoured by Fr. Vincent Victor Menezes (Parish Priest, St. Rita Church) with a shawl, garland, fruits and memento. Later, he expressed his joy and requested Stan to perform on the occasion of St. Rita Church's centenary celebration at the same stage.

Stan Mendonca, Anita, Joseph Mathias and Ashwija transported the crowd into an emotional world with their choice of sentimental songs.

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