Mangalore: Monthi Festh at St.Lawrence Church,Bondel
Posted On: 12/09/2010 13:20 GMT
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Report:  Simon Lasrado,Bangalore, Pictures:Vincent D'Cunha,Bondel


Mangalore: 8th September is a day of triple celebration for Mangalorean Konkani Catholics. While we celebrate the birthday of our heavenly mother, this day is also observed to show our gratitude to God for the blessings He has bestowed on us particularly by way of sufficient harvest.  Moreover, it is a family feast, showing our unity and solidarity which is the third celebration. On the 8th of Spetember at 8:00 a.m. nearly 2000 devotees  gathered inside  the St.Lawrence Church, Bondel, Mangalore, where the grains representing the new harvest, were to be blessed. Rev.Anthony Michael  Serrao, Parish Priest along with Rev.Fr.Ronald Pinto, the Asst.Parish Priest and the guest Priest Rev.Fr.Patrick Paul Saldanha, the  Professor in  Jeppu Seminary combinedly blessed the grains carried by Gurkars of the wards. After the children showered the flowers to Mother Mary,  a jeep covered fully by flowers carried the statue of Mother Mary, in a procession which was led by Bondel Church Choir, the parishioners,and the parish priest along with two other priest with the traditional Harry brass band. Torrential heavy downpour prevented the procession a little while.

The main celebrant of the Mass held on the occasion of Monti Fest at St Lawrence Church, Bondel in the city was Fr Peter Paul Saldnaha the professor in St.Joseph's Seminary Angelore. (Fr.Saldanha is now promoted as a professor to  Vatican). The Parish Priest Fr.Antony Michael Serrao and the Asst parish priest Fr.Ronald Pinto also joined the main celebrant. Fr.Paul Saldanha gave a touching sermon and  narrated the importance of a girl's role in the family. He said 8th September is the Nativity of Blessed  Virgin Mary. There are three others  we should adore. First is our Mother Mary, Second our Mother Earth and Third a woman. Being a daughter, being a wife, being a Mothe. Fr.Saldanha explained the role and the  importance of a girl child in the family.

As per the Monthi Festh  tradition, these holy grains are mixed with the main meal of the day that includes varieties of vegetarian dishes, participated by the whole family, invoking Gods blessing before the meal. Members of the family, who could not join the meal are remembered, and those members of the family who have entered their heavenly abode are also remembered.  Non-vegetarian dishes and alcohol are normally forbidden at this meal. Some of the holy grains are even sent to the family members working outside the native place, inland or overseas, symbolizing their presence at the meal. After the solemn Mass those who came to the church greeted  each other,the blessed corn were distributed by Gurkars and the Parish Priest and sugarcane were shared  by the parishioners and their children voluntarily.

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