Mumbai: Monti Fest Celebrations Canara Konkani Association Borivli
Posted On: 16/09/2010 10:50 GMT
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Mumbai: Canara Konkani Association Borilvi celebrated Monti Fest on 12th September. The programme started with the Novena to "Maria Bambina" (infant Mary) with the flower offerings and Novem Benjar in front of the entrance of the church. Then the crowd went on a procession lead by the band.  Fr. Charles Vas SVD was the main celebrant of the Konkani Mass.

An attractive Konkani cultural programme was organised by the association members. The programme started with a prayer dance by Keziha Noronha and Nikita Pinto. A hilarious Konkani skit "Kantrol Na" written by Joseph D'Souza Borivli and presented by Mr. Wilfred Mendonca Borivli and Mr. Richard Crasta Loretto. Fr. Nelson attracted round of applauses through his melodious Konkani song. Lynent Noronha too entertained the crowd through her "Konkani Song" on Mother Mary.

Julius Pinto and Charles D'Cunha presented a comedy skit "Baayl Bayr Padlyaa"

Fr. Charles Vas SVD, Fr. Roshan Lobo, Fr. Nelson, Fr Victor and Mr. Albert W. D'Souza were the guest for the programme. President George D'Souza was present at the occasion. Veronica Noronha beautifully compered the entire programme. The programme ended with a "Novem Jevonn".

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