Mangalore :ANVEESKHA-2010
Posted On: 06/10/2010 19:22 GMT
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Press Release:

Mangalore: The inaugural of ANVEESKHA-2010, the National Level Paper Presentation Competition organized by the IT students of AIMIT, St Aloysius College (Autonomous) was held at 9 a.m. on 5th Oct ,2010 at AIMIT Auditorium at Beeri, Kotekar, Mangalore.. Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahiman, the former Vice Chancellor of Kannur and Calicut Universities was the Chief Guest and inaugurated the programme by lighting the lamp.

“Make use of God given opportunities to come up in life. You are happy to be at AIMIT which offers excellent facilities, make use of them by working hard” said Prof Rahiman to the students gathered for the inaugural. He compared his time when  they had to struggle just to get references and abstracts of publications. There was no easy access  to journals. The present generation of scholars have access to journal and in the split of a second they can access any article and publication from anywhere in the world.  He requested the students to access the library facilities and read a lot and thus increase their knowledge. His last four suggestions to those gathered were to read on subject matter and also on general topics; have sound computer knowledge; improve English language skills and try to publish research findings in reputed journals and magazines.

Fr.Denzel Lobo SJ , Director, AIMIT in his inspirational message to the students gathered , talked about the drastic changes that have taken place during the last 150 years and he spoke about the breath taking  technological innovations that would happen by 2050. He mentioned about the flying cars, teleportation, ubiquitous computing devices, chips which could sense one’s own thoughts, and the feelings of others.  He also mentioned the future developments which would be in the field of computers, smart travel, and smart communication devices, media and public services,. He told the students that ideas have changed the world and if they really work hard they would be contributing towards development of technologies of the future. He said, ANVEEKSHA is an effort to promote such ideas and hoped that at least some from the audience would make a difference and be innovators of future technologies. Prof Santhosh Rebello, Dean, IT and Bioinformatics section of AIMIT introduced the Chief guest , Prof Manimhozhi, the faculty coordinator welcomed the gathering and Mr Cedric Mascarenhas, Students’  coordinator  of ANVEEKSHA proposed the vote of thanks.

During the day various speakers  on various topics. Rev  Dr. Ozwald Mascarenhas SJ, Chairman, MBA Dept, AIMIT gave a presentation on Cyber Ethics. Prof. Dr Manjayah spoke on networks and also showed a movie about “Warriors of networks”—a presentation of packet switching.  Then students did the paper presentations on four technical areas. The sessions were held at two locations. Students  from various colleges from Mangalore and Bangalore participated in the competitions. Every track had a keynote address , followed by the presentations by students. Prof. Dr Balaji spoke on Bioinformatics. He dealt with various algorithms. Prof. Dr B H Shekar delivered an address on Digital Image Processing Applications. He also dealt with applications in medicine, defence, environmental science, manufacture and forensic applications.

The valedictory programme was held at 5 pm. Rev Fr Swebert D’Silva  SJ, the Principal, St Aloysius College (Autonomous) was the Chief Guest. He gave away the certificates and prizes to the award winners.

Track 1: Networks:

Place Topic of the papers Presented By Name of the college
1st Cloud computing: ensuring security in cloud computing using homomorphic encryption Dhanya Venugopal & Sonia Martin Jyothi Nivas College - Bangalore
2nd Study and analysis of least significant bit algorithm Pooja Avdhoot Pai Kane & Laxmi K. Pandith AIMIT

Track 2: Database:

Place Topic of the papers Presented By Name of the college
1st Study and analysis of temporal database Mohammed Fahad    AIMIT
2nd Importance and scope of active database in IT industry Shashank N.S AIMIT

Track 3: Advanced Computing:

Place Topic of the papers Presented By Name of the college
1st Implementation of semantic web activities using Jenna toolkit Praveen Kumar M & Sujay K.A AIMIT
2nd A novel OCR to aid the visually challenged with Braille print out text read out Shivaprasad Ramarao AIMIT

Track 4: Bioinformatics:

Place Topic of the papers Presented By Name of the college
1st An approach to design virtual gesture screen based on 3d visual information & multilayer perception Manoj V & Mohammed Faizal.H AIMIT
2nd NAND  gate simulation with bio-molecular computing Lloyd Derryl Fernandes AIMIT
(Shared) ECAST: data mining algorithm for gene expression data Rajani N & Geetha St. Josephs Engineering College

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