Shillong: National Youth Convention Inaugural Programme
Posted On: 15/10/2010 07:31 GMT
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By Ancy D'souza - Paladka

Shillong: The Official inaugural function of ICYM NYC 2010 took place on 14th 9 AM Mr. Ravi Rounak the ICYM President of the Nation welcomed the dignitaries. Honourable R. S. Mushari the Governor of the State of Meghayalya was the main guest of the function. Ex Chief minister of Goa Lucino Feliro, the Archbishop Leo Cornelio, the chairman Bishop of CBCI for the Commission of Youth, Most Rt. Rev. Dominic Jala, the archbishop of shillong, Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Meramparampil, the archbishop of Gwuhati, Rt. Rev. Mar Barnabas, the member bishop of CBCI youth Commission, Rt. Rev. Cyprian Monis, Chairman Bishop of CCBI youth commission were present.

The Chairman of CBCI Youth Commission Most Rev. Dr. Leo Cornelio, in his message focused on the theme of the National Youth Convention – VIII is “Live the Word, Liberate the World”. The entire India has been united together by the NYC –VIII. He emphasized that ‘Christ is our inspiration to take up challenges and work for it. He exalted Youth to use their youth complete energy in nation Building. Youth is the future of the nation. They can bring change and transformation in the society after the model of Bible and Jesus our Lord. Youth are very creative and vibrant for the promotion of ICYM in the nation. Youth is the wealth of the nation, the nation need to take care of them and nourish them for their growth.

Message by the Former chief minister of Goa Mr. Lucino Felero:

The Former Chief Minister of Goa Mr. Lucino Felero, in his speech, said that Youth must have the right to dream and dream for the growth and development of our mother land. I believe and very much convinced that youth must have enough many talents to build the nation. He said that the topic for the National Youth Convention is very apt and need of the time. He quoted Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation who said that ‘India lives in every villages of our country’ Rajiv Gandhi once said that ‘India is the old country but a young nation’ He inspired youth to come forward and take responsibilities for the building of the country. He stated that Government is the only facilitators but the active executors are the youth men and women.
























They need to stand for the justice, equality and oneness. They should be courageous enough to stand against the injustices seen in the society, corruption noticed in and out of the government sector and civil society. They must be the unifying factors of differences and promote peace and unity. They are hope of the country. They can bring changes and transformation in the wounded society. They must be the means for the liberalization and development of the nation. He very strongly said that ‘India belongs to the youth and youth belongs to India, India loves you the young friends’. The Government Schemes could be only executed by the sincere and genuine youth workers of the society. He admired and appreciated the rich culture of north-east. The youth can do marvellous transformative and development works through the ICYM, the recognized youth movement in the CCBI level in
the church. He thanked the organizers of NYC –VIII and concluded his powerful speech.

Message by the Honourable Governor of Meghalya, R.S. Mushari:

Honourable Governor of Meghalya, R.S. Mushari started his speech with the cordial Greetings to Most Rt. Rev. Dominic Jala, Arch Bishop of Shillong the hosting Diocese of National youth Convention – VIII and all other dignitaries and important personalities and young people coming from different part of India. He wished a happy stay and successful ‘Youth Congress’ in Shillong the capital of Meghalya State. He said that Shillong was the capital for the entire North-Eastern States until 1972. He highlighted his speech with one small anecdote.
It runs like this ‘God thought that he would give a special attributes to people region wise. He made four boxes and given to the four regions:

(1) 1st Box – North – Beauty = (People of north are therefore beautiful)

(2) 2nd Box – South – Brain = (People of South therefore are Brainy)

(3) 3rd Box - East – Wealth = (People of East therefore are wealth)

(4) 4th Box – north-east - Emotion + Celebration = People of North-east therefore are emotional and Celebrative)

He said that there are number of formal education Institutes, Schools, Colleges and universities they are imparting the bookish knowledge and formal concept of education. He said that there are some youth guests from England and Germany who came for the KIP = Know India Programme. They said that India is a great country. He said that by 2020 India is going to be one of the four recognized economically, socially and culturally powerful country in the world. He expects that all the talents and energy of the youth must be used for the positive and noble cause for the development of the nation. He appreciated that ICYM has selected the theme: ‘Live the word, liberate the world’. He stated that we must keep some legacy for the future generation. We are happy that our forefathers have blessed us with the sacred groves (21) Caves (2500). We are grateful to our forefathers. We pray for them. But are any new avenues, new projects for which our future clines, decedents will remember us in the future. Are we happy with the things that are given by our ancestors? What will be our contribution and promise for our children?

The Governor said that we are in the new era of science and technology. We need to have much more provisions and contributions for the future generation. We need to promote education, invention and scientifical discoveries. We need to have more good hospitals, better educational Institutions and other new avenues for the growth of our country. Let us keep the two great things “Preservation of the heritage and facilities and amenities for our young people and children”. He warned the youth that they need to give more attention and take care about the right to conduct. He advised that we the youth need to be more responsible and people of moral character. He said that India without the young people look very disfigured. Youth can bring the change and transformation. The youth are very promising to India. Is India a poor country he asked the question to the youth? He said no India is not a poor country but the Indians are poor because of the not proper execution of the wealth and property to the citizen of the nation. He appealed to the youth of the Christian community to be broad mined and not restricted with the generosity of their hearts. The youth and we must mingle with all people of all faith. We must not discriminate anyone from our love. He said that the youth need to be like BEE. As the Bee goes flower to flower to collect honey similarly we need to go the people of all faith and share our good culture and exchange our faith through the ‘peace and harmony’ dialogue and mutual understanding. He concluded his speech by saying that as your dreams so you’re your aspirations, as your aspirations so are your
inspirations as your inspirations so be your actions’.

The Governor of Meghalya was felicitated and honoured with the ICYM Memento which was presented by Arch Bishop Most Rt. Rev. Leo Cornelio, the Chairman Bishop for the CBCI Commission for the Youth. Message and vote of thanks by Rev. Fr. Alwyn M.J. D'souza, National Youth Director

The National Youth Director, Fr. Alwyn D’souza most cordially and warmly welcome all the dignitaries and other guest of honours, all Bishops, RYDs, RYDLAs, DYDs, DYDLAs, RYPs, DYPs and all the youth hailing from different parts of India. He appreciated all the participants for the active participation in the National Youth Convention – VIII. He is very happy to say India is blessed with 164 Dioceses and out of 164 there are 152 Dioceses has taken part in this extra-ordinary National Youth Convention –VIII in Shillong, North-east crossing the boundaries and differences, barriers and hitches. He congratulated the youth for their interest shows for the NYC – VIII. He is very happy to state the vision statement of CCBI Conference held in Gwuhati. “Youth for the Peace and Harmony” Dialogue and mutual understanding. He has also mentioned about the theme namely ‘We have set our hope on the living God’ (I Tim: 4:10). He congratulated and appreciated all the families and Dioceses in the North-east, India for accommodating all the delegates and associated members. The DID (Days in the Diocese). He said that on the last day (17th October 2010) of the National Youth Convention – VIII there is going to be 100000 young people from different parts of North-east. He briefed the entire programme to the participants for the smooth running of the programme. He is very happy to welcome and appreciated the contribution made by the Taize Brothers led by Bro. Gilan towards spiritual welfare and growth of the young people since 1984. He wished all a very happy stay and success of the National youth Convention – VIII, Shillong, North-East India.



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