Bangalore: Nomination for Awards on the Federation Day
Posted On: 17/11/2010 18:31 GMT
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The Federation of Konkani Catholic Associations' Bangalore (FKCA) on Federation Day, this year on 30th January, 2011, gives awards for following category.
Professional Excellence
Lifetime achievement Award
Entrepreneurs Award

A) Nominee should be a Konkani Catholic.
B) Awardees should be in a position to attend the function (Federation day)
C) Only one person each will be chosen in the above categories
D) If suitable person not found in any of the above Categories - No award will be given that year for that particular category.
Entrepreneur of the Year:

First Generation : Min 50 cores turnover OR min 250 employees
Second Generation : Substantial growth after taking over (with Statistics)
                            Substantial employment creation - min 350 employees. 
                            Taking the company to a new level (with the statistics)

Other points to be considered :

Employment to fellow community members
Contribution to the society
Contribution to the community.
Involvement with the community.
Any other contributions/achievements
Age No Bar. 

In case of Partnership firm (where 2 person or more from our community are involved) or 2nd generation companies where more than one persons are involved, award will be given as the "Best Enterprise"  Company will nominate that person to receive the award

Professional Excellence :
Achieved significant growth( Recognized globally) as an employee or as a professional ( Lawyer, Doctor, Charterered accountant, Sports, Journalism, or any other field)

High post ( from an ordinary position gets priority)

Other points to be considered:
Help to Community
Involvement with the community.
Help to Society
Image (Clean and non-controversial, free from corrupt practices)
Others credentials/achievements
Award will be given only during the tenure as an employee/or practicing profession..( not after retirement)
Elderly persons will get the priority ( among the finalists)

Min age 60 years
Substantial achievement (worth Recognizing. Globally know personality ) in the field of art , culture , literature, Music, sports, Education, social service, Social  Service, or any other field.
Help to community
Involvement with the community
Help to Society
Image (Clean and non-controversial, free from corrupt practices)
Stature ( Popularity)
Community service and service in the field of Konkani Language gets priority.
Priority will be given to the elderly person (among the equals)

Person is not eligible to receive award for the 2nd time for the same category.

We request you to let us know if you have any nominations in the above categories.  If yes, please send us their detailed profiles to

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