Mangalore: Workshop on Cardio Pulmanary Physiotherapy
Posted On: 22/11/2010 20:10 GMT
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Mangalore: The department of physiotherapy had organized a 2 day workshop on cardiopulmonary physiotherapy on 19th and 20th of November.

The session on 19th began with a talk by the HOD of physiotherapy department Mr.Narasimhan. He spoke about the objectives of the workshop and importance of clinical reasoning. Dr.J.P.Alva gave a talk on auscultation. Dr.Chethana Anand spoke on mechanical ventilation. There were also sessions on ABG analysis by Mr.Narasimhan and exercise testing by Mr.Jayasundar.

The session began with a talk on Airway Clearance Technique by Ms.Cherishma on 20th of October. Mr.Narasimhan gave talks on Lung Volume Expansion technique, Adjuncts to Humidification and Nebulisation and physiotherapy in ICU. There were also sessions on cardiac surgery by Dr. Jayakrishnan, oxygen therapy by Dr.Smitha and thoracic incisions by Dr.Anand. There were numerous practical sessions held on both days.

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