Mangalore: Seminar on “Global Warming”
Posted On: 04/12/2010 00:00 GMT
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Mangalore: “Global Warming is the future manmade hazard. If terrosim destroys humanity, global warming destroys universe. Due to the constant attacks of humans on the environment of planet earth, environment is loosing its balance. A comprehensive plan and serious action to fight against Global Warming alone can save this planet” said Rev. Dr Ronald Cutinha, director of Samanvaya during the seminar on Global Warming organized by The Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI), Mangalore Diocesan Unit at Bishop’s House, Mangalore on November 30, 2010.

Dr.Cutinha said, “the green house gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and methane absorb and retain the heat near the surface of the earth.  At the same time high carbon dioxide concentration ring in the air rebounds the heat reflected from the earth causing global warming.  Making less use of fossile fuels and depending more on alternate energy sources such as solar, atomic, electric, wind and hydro one can reduce the emition of carbon dioxide”.  He provided the statistical data of Global Warming and future projection of the same.  By stopping further emition of Greenhouse gases, avoiding deforestation and burning of forests and by aforestation one can save planet earth from further catastrophe. “We have only one earth.  It’s our home, let’s protect it” he said. The still pictures projected on the screen and the film on global warming made the learning easy.
Sr Emma Joseph, president of CHAI, Mangalore unit welcomed, Sr Sophia Menezes, secretary proposed vote of thanks and Sr Tulia compered the programme. 26 benefited from this seminar.

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