Press Conference at Press Club, Mangalore
Posted On: 18/02/2011 18:45 GMT
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The mammoth silent protest march and protest rally that would be held in Mangalore as to oppose and outright rejection of the report of the Justice B. K. Somshekar Commission.

The Catholic Diocese of Mangalore  together  with   different Churches and secular minded  associations will be organizing a mammoth  silent protest march and protest rally in Mangalore as to oppose and outright rejection of the report of the Justice B. K. Somshekar Commission.

The mammoth  silent protest march would begin at 3.00 p.m. on Sunday 20.02.2011 from Jyothi Circle, Mangalore.  After  reaching the central grounds in Mangalore the protest rally would be held.  At the end of the  rally the demands of all the Christians of the state and secular associations  would be represented to the district, state as well as national administrations.

Together with the  huge sea of Christians and secular minded people bishops, vicar generals, pastors, priests, nuns, lay leaders from different Churches, officials of number of secular minded associations would be participating in the mammoth march and rally. Members from different Churches from Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and Kasargod Districts would take part in the silent march and protest rally.  There would be protest marches and rallies all aver the state of Karnataka on that day.

Why do we take to  silent procession and protest?

Protest against the confused and totally biased report on the Church attacks by the Justice B. K. Somshekar Commission which has silenced the witnesses and records submitted before the court by more than 1000  Christians and secular petitioners regarding the fundamentalists’ attacks on Christian Churches and institutions.

To protest against the clean chit  given to BJP and  Sangh Parivar, although Bajrang Dal and Hindu fundamental outfits claimed that they are responsible for the attacks and also the police witnessed the same through their enquiry. Although the government and the district administration has not  taken any steps to avoid the attacks the clean chit is given to them as well.

To protest against the clean chit given to police who acted with cruel and inhuman outlook against the women, children and the elderly  Christians.

To protest against the recommendation of the commission to keep tight control and check on  the audit records of Christian Churches and pastors, although the commission had come into conclusion that there were no incidents of conversion through force or fraud.

To protest against the contradictions of commission which hasn’t given any recommendations to control the Hindu fundamental outfits which are against the secularism, although the then convener of Bajrang Dal had confessed that the Bajrang Dal’s motto is to create a Hindu nation.

Our Major Demands:

1. The state government should accept the truth that the entire Christian community and secular minded people of Karnataka reject the commission’s report and the government must reject the report as well.

2. The entire enquiry on the Church attacks should be handed over to the CBI as to take actions against the fundamental outfits and persons who were involved in the attacks and against the administration and departments who have supported the attacks.

3. All the criminal cases fixed on innocent Christians who protested peacefully, should be withdrawn.

4. The attacks on Christians have inflicted a deep wound on the hearts and minds of all the Christians which can never be compensated by any one.   Yet sufficient monetary compensation is to be given to the institutions and persons who have suffered the loss and government should give protection to the  minority communities.

Persons present at the conference on behalf of the organizers: the Vicar General of the Catholic Diocese of Mangalore Rt Rev. Monsignor Denis Prabhu, the senior Pastor of C.S.I. Church of Karnataka Diocese and head of the Gorigudda Hebik Memorial Church Rev. Samuel Jathanna, the President of the Karnataka Missions Network Brother Walter Maben, the Public Relations Officer of the Diocese of Mangalore Fr William Menezes, the promoter of human rights Mrs Mariamma Thomas, C.O.D.P. Director Fr Onil D’Souza, Council of Priests secretary Fr J. B. Crasta, Treasurer of Karnataka Missions Network Rev. Alwyn Culaso, editor of ‘Pingara’ Raymond D’Cunha, Four Winds proprietor Elias Fernandes, editor of Raknno Fr Francis Rodrigues and others.

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