Fr.Benedict Rego went to Heavenly abode
Posted On: 14/03/2011 19:00 GMT
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By Fr Francis Rodrigues, Raknno   &  Photo courtesy: Fr Vincent Crasta, Manela

Mangalore: Rev. Fr Benedict S. Rego who was well known as Fr B.S. Rego a priest of the Diocese of Mangalore passed away on Sunday March 6th 2011 at 6.30 p.m. in a private hospital in Mangalore after a prolonged sickness.

His body would be exposed at St Vincent Ferrer Church Valencia at 3.00 p.m. on Tuesday 8th of March, funeral Mass would be held at  3.30 p.m. and the mortal remains would be interred at priests’ cemetery in Valencia.

He was born in Agrar Parish on February 12th 1943 as the son of a well know teacher couple of Agrar Church School. Both the parents served as the teachers in the same school throughout the active service as the teachers.

Having joined the St Joseph’s Seminary on the 30th of June 1959 he was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Mangalore on the 4th of December 1967. While he lived 68 years of his life he served 43 years as the priest of the Diocese.

After being assistant parish of Kinnigoli parish soon after his ordination later he served as the parish priest of Kateel, Kokkada, Neermarga, Bajal, Vitla and Menela parishes.  Recently being on medical leave he lived in Kankannady Vianney Home the home for the retired priests.

He was the classmate of Archbishop Bernard Morass of Bangalore Arch Diocese and Msgr Denis Prabhu the Vicar General of Mangalore Diocese.  

According to Msgr Denis Prabhu Fr Rego was very enthusiastic in work. He was a lover of poor people for whom he would go out of his way to help.  Hw would walk or travel any length to help the poor. He worked with the people and for the people and there were no tensions between the people and clergy wherever he had been.

According another priest who wished to remain anonymous Fr Rego had his own unique way of pastoral functioning sometimes which may look bit different to others. His sermons and talks were full of anecdotes, humour and event details.

According to Fr John Vas a friend priest of Fr Rego, he was a very friendly priest of priests without being blocked by the age of the priest.  He loved nature, plants, trees and animals. But he always loved priests and people.

It is said he was a courageous pastor. Once a  step taken forward there is no looking back in any situation.  

He had built six buildings for the boarding in Kokkada.  He had built a beautiful Grotto of Our Lady in Bajal.  He had built the school building in Vitla and also a areca palm for the economic support of the parish.  

As a parish priest of Vitla he paid special interest and took special effort to make Manela or Punacha chapel an independent Parish in 2006 with new Church building of Christ King Church at Manela and new parochial house. He was very vibrant in getting the Christ King Convent of the Sisters of Helpers of Mount Rosary of Moodbidri in Manela.  

As his kidneys failed since some time and he was on dialysis and residing in  Vianney Home.

On Sunday at 5.30 p.m. together with Fr Vincent Saldanha the Assistant Administrator of Fr Mullers Hospital, Fr Alexander Lobo the Guardian of Vianney Home a few lay friends of Fr Rego were with Fr Rego.  He breathed his last with the collapsing of his heart.

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