Kinnigoly: Role of Parish Pastoral Council in building up the Church Community
Posted On: 20/07/2011 19:35 GMT
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By Samanvaya Team Members

Kinnigoly: Role of Parish Pastoral Council in building up the Church Community Under pressing demand, a day’s workshop was organized in the hall of Church of Immaculate Conception, Kinnigoly for educating the parishioners on the role of Parish Pastoral Council in building the Church and its community on Sunday the 17th of July 2011. V. Rev. Fr Alfred Pinto, Parish Priest of Kinnigoly Parish inaugurated the programme and welcomed the trainer, Rev Dr Ronald Cutinha, who fortunately originates from this parish and did not need any introduction.

The audience was eager to hear Dr Cutinha and without making them wait for too long, he took up the subject and drew the attention of the people towards him.  In his introductory lecture, he explained about the earlier days of the Church and its present status. He compared the Church to the body with several parts and the body stays healthy only when each part plays its specific role to perfection. He also referred the Church to grapevine with branches which yields fruit by the nourishment given to its roots.


Unawares he asked the audience as to what is the responsibility of the Parish Pastoral Council, whether it is to build bridges or raise walls;  to solve problems or create problems; to develop the parish or acquire assets by raising buildings instead of striving that every parishioner is able to live a dignified life (full & abundant life).  He reminded that there are certain objectives of the parish council with duties and responsibilities towards the parish and the parishioners.  

The growth of the church community depends on the role played by Parish Pastoral Council and they have to be honest and dedicated members without selfish motives for power or authority. The council members should gather frequently depending on circumstances. Every meeting should have an agenda prepared with correct information and circulated among the council members in preparation for the meeting. In case of doubts, if any, there should be opportunity to clear it amicably during the meeting by way of interaction to the satisfaction of each and every member. On issues which are controversial, expert opinion should be sought so that all members are convinced. Any council member acting stubborn demanding others to obey him on any point irrespective of its correctness is against the interest of the parish. No council member should consider himself to be the only intelligent person but be prepared to accept expert advice. All expert opinion given by any knowledgeable person should be welcomed considering the welfare of the parish community.

Power point presentation by Dr.Cutinha made the training very authentic and humorous and therefore the audience was convinced and enjoyed the programme. Dr Cutinha wished that the Parish Pastoral Council members work with unity bearing in mind the welfare of the parish with no ill-feelings towards each other.

Mr.Lionel Pinto, Vice President of the parish thanked Dr.Cutinha for the very enlightening programme and also the audience for their participation in large number. There were 40 participants who realized that this programme should have been conducted long before.

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