Mumbai: Monti Fest Celebrations in Mira Road
Posted On: 10/09/2011 15:01 GMT
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Mumbai: Monti Fest was celebrated in a solemn and traditional manner in St. Josephs Church Mira Road Mumbai on Sep 8. A Konkani mass was celebrated by Fr. Ivan DSouza and Fr. Dominic was at 8.15am in which new paddy corns were blessed and distributed to the people.

Thousands of devotees marched in a procession in the streets of Mira Road by singing Konkani Hymns and saying Konkani Rosary. St. Joseph's Konkani Welfare Association, Mira Road  lead the procession under the guidance of president John Crasta, Secretary Sophia D'Sa, Treasurer Lawrence Mathias and the members of the association. People grouped in different communities and moved in a procession by carrying their community flags, children dressed in white carried flowers, alter boys and different associations of the church participated.

Cultural programme and novem jevonn was arranged in a church hall in the evening. The programme started with welcoming the people by giving traditional Pan-Podd-udok (Beetle Leaves/arec nut/water) by Mr. Gabriel D'Mello. Welcome dance was presented by Riyola Mathias, John Crasta, Rosel Cardoza, Delcy D'Souza and Miwal. Mogra Nach (Fishermen dance) was presented by Riyola Mathias, Austin, John, Edward, Valentino and Suzelle, Adkulore Budkulo dance was presented by Lawrine D'Mello, Nikol D'Mello, Benson D'Mello, Jovita Martis, Tressy D'Souza and Allen D'Costa. Br. John and Br. Sandeep presented hilarious jokes. Fr. Dominic Vas, Fr. Ivan, Michelle D'Souza, Diago Rodrigues, Riyola Mathias, Monica D'Mello, Ashley D'Mello, John Correa presented various Konkani Songs.

Secretary Sophia D'Sa gave vote of thanks. President John Crasta gave "Jevnna Udok". Prassanna Niddodi fame Hilary D'Silva Compered the programme beautifully. Novem Jevonn was served to all the public in banana leaves.

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