Mumbai:Monti Fest celebrated at St. Louis Church Dahisar
Posted On: 18/09/2011 18:10 GMT
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Mumbai: Monti Fest was celebrated at St. Louis Church, Dahisar West in a solemn manner today. The programme started with the novena to mother mary, flower offerings and blessings of new paddy corns. Maria Bombina statue was decorated with flowers.

The people moved in procession to the church. Fr. Roshan D'Souza was a main celebrant of the Konkani mass. Fr. Vincent Barboza assisted him. Liturgy was well organised under the leadership of Mr. Urban Bothello. Choir was organised under the leadership of Mrs. Veronica Noronha.

Novem was distributed to all after the mass. There was a beautiful Konkani cultural programme. The programme started with the introduction from Mrs. Veronica Noronha. Keziaha Noronha, Vailen Lobo, Ramona Lobo presented  a prayer dance. Mr/Mrs Mathiea, Mr/Mrs Menezes, Mrs Veronica and Mr. Ruben enacted the traditions of olden days and the modern days. Hilarious skits were presented by Theresa/Ruben, Melvyn/Romio and Wilfy/Flavia/Nirmala.

Nirmala Noronha, Irene Lobo, Philomena, Vinny Martis and Wilfred Mendonca presented a beautiful traditional dance for a song "Adanv Bapan Khel'len kitem?". Ramona, Deline, Delisha, Valencia and Ekta presented a dance for a song "Pisolya". Juliana, Theresa, Urban, Cyril, Walter, Joe and Wilfy presented a skit "Koshi Korni Toshi Borni" written by Joseph D'Souza. Keziah, Steve, Nigel, Nishel presented a dance for a song "Maria".

A traditional novem jevonn was served to everyone under the leadership of Mrs. Irene Lobo, Mr. Joe Menezes and Mr. Donald DSouza. The venue was decorated beautifully  under teh leadership of Nirmala Noronha and Sr. Leena. Fr. Vincent Barboza and Mr. George D'Souza were the guest for the programme. Parish Priest  Fr. Leo D'Souza, Fr. Anthony Vino, Fr. Rohsan D'Souza were also present. The cultural programme ended with the vote of thanks by Fr. Roshan D'Souza.

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