Mangalore: Entrepreneurial Training
Posted On: 17/04/2012 02:48 GMT
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Mangalore: The inaugural of the Entrepreneurial Training programme organized in collaboration with Kanara Entrepreneur Global Ltd took place at 9 a.m. on 11 March, 2012 at AIMIT CAMPUS of St Aloysius College, Mangalore. Seventy two students of second MBA attended the programme.  Mr Clarence Pereira, Director, Deccan Structural Systems Pvt Ltd, Mr Claudius Pereira, MD, Systems tech, Mr Anil Rego, MD, Brilliant Printers, Bangalore,  and Mr Socrates, Director, MSME, Mangalore were the resource persons.

Addressing the crowd, Fr. Denzil Lobo SJ, Director, AIMIT, highlighted on the need and importance of entrepreneurship in a developing nation like India. He also mentioned that already five to six groups of students of the MBA and IT programmes of St Aloysius College have become entrepreneurs and would like to see many more taking up the challenge and  become entrepreneurs. Fr. Oswald Mascarenhas SJ, Chairman, MBA dept, AIMIT spoke about the future of business market. He stated that for any product to succeed it must have the following three traits: beauty, integrity and radiance. He also reiterated that the future markets will be all about uncertainty and hence it is important for us to take the market turbulence as an opportunity.

The workshop consisted of 4 different sessions. Mr. Claudius Pareira set the motion right by talking about the traits required for a successful entrepreneur. He made the session highly interactive and ensured complete participation. The next speaker Mr. Anil Rego shared the inspiring story of rags to riches of his father, who established Brilliant Printers. He also highlighted how important it is for a successful person to be humble. Mr. Clarance Pareira went a little further and shared his personal experience of being an entrepreneur and stressed on the need of forming a team and then acting as a complete team player.  He also spoke of the importance of ethics in business inspite of all the hurdles one would face in taking up the challenge  to be an entrepreneur.

The session concluded with the informative and interactive session of Mr. K Socrates, who holds an important position in the govt. policy formulations for MSME (Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises) sector. He shared his valuable and deep insight of the nuances of entrepreneurship and how one can get govt. support to establish one’s MSME venture.

Faculty Coordinator Mr. Dhananjaya K was highly instrumental in conducting this workshop which turned out to be a great learning experience for all the students. Going by the history, AIMIT can remain assured that it’ll offer many more entrepreneurs to the society and nation at large

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