Mangalore:Annual Gavel Club Meet 20th April, 2012
Posted On: 21/04/2012 20:11 GMT
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Press Release:

Mangalore: The annual Gavel Club meet 2012 was held on the 20th of April 2012, at the amphitheater in St.Aloysius Institute of Management and Information Technology (AIMIT), Mangalore. The session started at 6 pm in the evening and the theme chosen was IPL. Two eminent judges from the Toast Masters Club Mrs.Prabhavati and Mr.Shashikant were present to judge the session. The toastmaster was Mr.Ashish S.A and the table topic master for the session was Mr.Sidharth Umesh. The time keeper was Ms.Shubha Bhandari, grammarian- Mr. Pelvino D’Costa, AA- counter- Mr. Emmanuel D’Sousa and the word for the day was given by Mrs.Diyana Kasim.

The session had eight prepared speakers and eight table topic speakers. The first four prepared speeches were conducted in a row which left the audience spellbound, followed by eight table topics which were facilitated by Mr.Sidharth, the table topic master. The table topics were challenging and equally thought provoking. The table topic speakers were randomly chosen from the audience which added a sense of surprise element to the session. The prepared speeches were resumed by the toastmaster, Mr.Ashish and the crowd were testimony to the grueling speeches thereafter.

After the completion of the last four speeches, the last year’s meritorious gavelians and coordinators were rewarded with certificates of appreciation. The much awaited moment came in when the toastmaster announced the results which the judges themselves exclaimed as a challenging task.

The winner of table topic speech was Mr. Neeraj Nayak

Runners up- Mr. Nidhin Raj and Ms Dionne Almeida

The winner of prepared speech was Ms. Jaswin Joseph

Runners up- Mr. George Thomas and Mr. Akhil T P

The annual gavel meet 2012 turned out to be a great experience for all participants as well as the audience.

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