Moodperar: Valedictory of Tailoring Course at Ferar Church
Posted On: 07/06/2012 07:00 GMT
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By Samanvaya Team Members:

Moodperar: Valedictory ceremony of 12th Tailoring Course in memory of late Rev. Fr Bernard D’Souza conducted by Samanvaya Mangalore in association with Catholic  Women’s Association and SVP of St Francis Xavier Church, Ferar was held on 3rd of June 2012 at its Parish Hall.  Mrs Violet Albuquerqe, President of Women’s Association welcomed the guests to the dais and after a prayer sung by the students, the programme began. 

Chief Guest and Director of Samanvaya, Rev Dr Ronald Cutinha addressed the outgoing students narrating an enlightening story that turning our life a ‘hell’ or ‘heaven’ is in our own hands.  The moral of the story was that we make our life a ‘hell’ when we live with selfish motives and not prepared to share with one another.  On the other hand we make our life a ‘heaven’ by sharing with one another forgetting ourselves.  He said the tailoring class was one such place where the students had an opportunity to share everything with one another such as knowledge, joys and sorrows, personal problems, etc., and if this bond is carried on, life turns out better.   He complimented the students for the variety of outfits stitched and placed on display for evaluation and appreciated their talents.   He advised them not to give up but make good use of their skill for a bright future.

Rev. Dr Pius Fidelis Pinto, Managing Trustee of Samanvaya and the Parish Priest of St Francis Xavier church, Ferar also endorsed the story of creating hell and heaven on earth and addressed the students to turn their lives into heaven by being generous in heart towards one another and live a contented  life.  He also assured the students that with newly acquired job skill, their life will certainly change for the better provided they work hard for it.  In conclusion of the tailoring course of 6 months which had commenced on 17th November 2011, he awarded completion certificates to 21 successful students.

Mr William D’Souza, Vice President of Ferar Parish Council appreciated  the gesture of Samanvaya in conducting free tailoring course in the parish hall, and also thanked the teachers Janet Mathias and Sangeetha for sparing their time to conduct the classes.

Students Harinakshi and Janisha came to the dais and gave their feedback and profusely thanked Samanvaya Mangalore, SVP, Women’s Association and Parish Priest of Ferar Church for conducting the tailoring course. They also expressed gratitude towards their teachers for teaching them with patience and affection.
Vice President of Women’s Association, Mrs Irene Cutinha proposed vote of thanks. SVP President, Mrs Molly Pereira compered the programme.  Including the passing-out students, there was an audience of 30 people.

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