Mangalore: Training on “Environment & Global Warming”
Posted On: 07/12/2007 21:15 GMT
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“Global Warming is the future manmade hazard. Due to the constant attacks of humans on the environment of planet earth, environment is loosing its balance.  A comprehensive plan and serious action to fight against Global Warming alone can save this planet” said Rev. Dr Ronald Cutinha, director of Samanvaya during the seminar on Environment and Global Warming organized jointly by Samanvaya Mangalore and Environment Club of St. Raymond’s High School Vamanjoor at the school hall on December 4, 2007.

He provided the statistical data of Global Warming and future projection of the same.  The over use and wrong use of natural resources are the main reasons for their depletion.  The water is contaminated and has become scarce, air is polluted, fertile soil has become the bed of rivers and chemical pesticides and fertilizers have ruined the soil bacteria and worms. Ozone layer is depleting, plastic toxic has polluted air while burning, resulted dangerous to fish in sea and caused hazards while in the soil, blocking the water from penetrating the earth.  The still pictures projected on the screen made the learning easy.  He was the resource person for the training.  The slogans on Environment protection and question-answer session made the seminar lively.

The headmistress Sr Cecilia Mendonca welcomed and introduced the resource person.  Sr Ashwini in charge of the School Environment Club was present along with the staff.  Nearly 350 students benefited from this training.

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