Mumbai: 14 arrested in Mumbai's molestation case - TOI
Posted On: 04/01/2008 08:00 GMT
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MUMBAI: Fourteen persons, one of whom surrendered, were arrested on Thursday for their alleged involvement in the shocking incident of molestation of two women on New Year day outside a five star hotel in a north-west suburb here, a senior police official said.

All the 14 are adults and in the case of four of them, it was "verified" on the basis of the photographs clicked of the incident that they were among those who molested the women, Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) K L Prasad told reporters in a briefing here.

"The four of them clearly were there. The rest were also there but claim that they did not molest the women," Prasad said, adding the rest had been booked for unlawful assembly.

The two NRI women hailing from Gujarat, currently settled in the US, were accompanied by two men when they were groped and molested outside the hotel on New Year after attending a dance performance of actor Bipasha Basu.

Two photographers from a national daily who were passing managed to click photographs of the incident, leading to a public outcry.

Thirteen of those arrested are from a single group hailing from suburban Vile Parle and were picked up on the basis of information received from an individual who identified them on the basis of the photographs published in various media, police said.

The person who surrendered to the police is a resident of suburban Kandivali and had done so after seeing his photograph in a local tabloid, Prasad said.

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