Carlisle Taxis Carlisle

Carlisle Taxi Carlisle

Carlisle Taxi Carlisle  – They play a vital role in the taxi business of Carlisle Cumbria. Carlisle taxis crarlisle  move people from local to national on a daily basis. This could be a local city transfer, airport transfer, railway transfer etc.
Over the years Carlisle cab business has developed to a very large extent. Majority of the taxis in Carlisle are up to the modern standards. The demanding business needs have given rise to set up of taxi standards by the Carlisle council. Today you will find that all taxis and its drivers meet the standards set by the council.

Taxi companies in Carlisle

The pioneers in the taxi business were Radio taxis in Carlisle and Carlisle drivers. Today you find many more taxi companies in Carlisle catering to the needs of the customers.

Radio taxis and Carlisle Drivers Carlisle Airport Taxis AAA Taxis Carlisle


M&M Taxis
Radio Taxis & Carlisle Drivers Carlisle Airport Taxis AAA Taxis Carlisle M&M Taxis
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Carlisle Taxis Cumbria

Carlisle Taxis Cumbria

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Carlisle Taxi Hire

        Carlisle Taxi Hire

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Taxi ranks in Carlisle

You will find a few taxi ranks in Carlisle. They are at the Carlisle train station. This is the most busiest rank that we have seen so far. The second busiest rank is the rank on the English street in Carlisle. This rank is busy during the day time. The third busiest rank is at the top of Warwick road near the old post office. There are two more taxi rank but seem to be hardly used. One is at Lonsdale road and the other at Cecil street in Carlisle.

Types of taxis in Carlisle

You will find white taxis which are also called as saloon taxis. They can accommodate up to 4 passengers. Today you will also find taxis which is of 4 seater capacity along with wheelchair facility. Apart from these you will see 6 seater, 7 seater and 8 seater taxis available in Carlisle. All taxis above 4 seater have wheelchair facilities.
There are two types of licensed taxis. The first is the Hackney taxis and the second is the private hire taxi. Hackney taxis can pickup when flagged down by a customer anywhere in Carlisle. They can wait at the Carlisle taxi rank to pick up a walk in customer. Whereas Private hire taxis can not do so. They can only pick up the customer booked by the licensed taxi operator only.
Both these type of taxis completely meet the standards set by the Carlisle council. They have the license and the insurance and often checked for their road worthiness. These two types of taxis are safe for the passengers.

Can we trust the taxi driver?

Most of us travelling in the taxis have the fear of getting cheated by a taxi driver. This is not only the case in Carlisle but rest of the world too. This is a psychological fear which has imbibed in the minds of passengers. It is due to the incidents that we have either seen or have heard or have read from various sources. The only way to come out of this phobia is to Plan, Communicate and Trust – PCT.


When you are in your hometown you know all the routes but when you go abroad on a holiday what happens? That is when google maps becomes handy. Here are a few tips for you which could be of help.
  • Browse the Internet using google maps.
  • Try to understand different route options available.
  • Check for the shortest distance and duration to reach your destination.
  • Look out for interesting places like restaurants, shopping centres along your route. This will help you to realise that you are going in the right route when you travel in a taxi.
  • Ensure your mobile battery is completely charged.
  • Set the google map directions before you board the taxi so that you know you are going on the right route.
  • Refrain from temptations to use mobile to see facebook, and other etc..


The second best thing to do is to make a note of the taxi registration number or the taxi license plate. Inform your family member or friend that you are travelling in a taxi and will reach within such and such time. Save the taxi registration number in your sms or whats’app until your journey is over.


Last but not least, the whole world moves on with hope and trust. The taxi driver also has the fear, if you are paying him at the end of your journey or going to be fare evader. In such a circumstances a passenger can not carry a honesty certificate with them and vice versa. So always bear in mind that “All taxi drivers are not thieves and all passengers are not saints”.
PCT – It helps more than you think.