Taxi companies in Carlisle Cumbria UK

Taxi companies phone numbers – This article is to help to all those passengers who travel. It is for those people who struggle to identify a cab from a reliable taxi company. Most often we take the bookings but don’t overbook. This is because of our commitment to our customers. We adhere to our company policy of “No over-bookings”. Hence we choose to recommend an alternative taxi company when we are not available.

Taxi companies phone numbers:

  1. Radio Taxis Limited – Phone 01228 527575
  2. Carlisle Taxi Hire – Phone 01228 424242
  3. Carlisle Taxis Cumbria – Phone 01228 247365
  4. AAA Taxis – Phone 01228 808777
  5. M & M Taxis – 01228 210200

Radio Taxis Carlisle – 01228 527575

Radio Taxis Carlisle | Taxi

Radio taxis Carlisle Limited is based at 37 Millbrook Road, Kingstown in Carlisle. The radio taxi office is around 2.4 miles from the Carlisle city centre. This company is one of the most primitive in Carlisle. Radio Taxis is well known to all the localities in Carlisle.

Carlisle Taxi Hire – 01228 424242

Carlisle Taxi Hire | Taxis

Carlisle Taxi Hire has its office on infirmary street in Carlisle. The office is approximately 1.2 miles from Carlisle city centre.

Carlisle Taxis Cumbria – 01228 247365

Carlisle Taxis

Carlisle taxis Cumbria and Carlisle taxis limited are two different companies. Our taxi company is known by the brand name Carlisle Taxis Limited. So, please don’t get confused between the two taxi companies.

AAA Taxis – 01228 808777

AAA Taxis Carlisle | Taxi company

AAA taxis are at 53 Gloucester Rd, Carlisle CA2 4EW. They can be contacted on 01228 808777.  

M & M Taxis – 01228 210200

M&M Taxis Carlisle | Taxi company phone numbers

M&M Taxis is based at 90 Oaklands Drive Carlisle, Cumbria CA2 4NQ. So, When we all our taxis are busy, and you are unable to book one with us the list of taxi companies above should be able to provide the service. 

Why don’t we overbook?

Customer satisfaction is more important to us rather than the quantity of business. We take the responsibility of the clients who rely on our service. Our hardcore commitment is not to let them down. As a professional taxi firm, we always strive to improve. Hence, we don’t overbook and diminish the quality of service. If we do so, then we can not claim that we are the best service provider either. In short, their satisfaction gives us immense pleasure and job satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed | taxi carlisle

Taxicab services in Carlisle are an excellent way to get around the town. Finding a reliable taxi company can be very easy. There are many taxi companies. Therefore it is imperative to ensure that you get your taxi services in Carlisle from the best taxi company. 

Luckily, there are some things you can do to find out which companies are the best. 

Check for reviews

  • One of the best places to start is by checking out reviews online. Check for Google reviews or reviews on trip advisor. It is one of the best options you can find online and on Smart mobile phones wherever you are.

Do a Google Search

  • Check for different types of taxi services offered by the taxi company. For instance, if you are looking for a nine-seater, it is prudent that you visit the websites. Google helps you to find a nine-seater taxi from a company nearby.

Google Search | Carlisle Taxis Limited


Look out for Information

  • Check if the company is local— the company with a local registered address with a local landline number. A company does not operate without a proper address and a landline number. 

Book a taxi from a Taxi Company Only

  • It is prudent to book your taxi from a company than an individual. This is because the onus of your travel is on the company.

Check if it is Licensed by the respective council.

  • Ensure the Carlisle city council has licensed the company you are choosing. You can find this information on the companies websites.

Check there are no hidden costs involved.

  • If you are choosing long-distance travel or travelling to the airport, then the cost is covered inclusive of your insurance. It is essential if something goes wrong during your journey.

Check for reliability, trustworthiness and reputation

  • Sometimes there may be a potential for abuse of your trust. So it is always a good idea to research any company before taking their services in general. 
  • The key is to ensure that you hire the best company that you can afford and that they are willing to work with you for a fair price. 
  • Remember that if a taxi company does not seem interested in working with you, it is a good idea to move on to another reputable company. 

We need your help too

If there is a taxi company in Carlisle licensed by the Carlisle City Council and registered with the company house in the UK, please email us at We will verify and update this page to help others who require this information. 

Please share this information with your family and friends in and around Carlisle. Every little knowledge can be of help in one way or the other. Stay focussed and alert at all times.

“Carlisle Taxis Limited – A brand you can trust.”