Taxi – It’s origin

A taxi, also commonly referred to as the cabs or a taxi, is a form of public transport that usually has a driver, usually a private individual, who drives a single passenger to the destination, usually a residential location. It can also be used by groups of people for a shared ride and between different locations. Usually, the taxis are accompanied by a vehicle at the time that they pick up the passenger. The cab or taxi services usually pick up a passenger at a fixed location which is close to the destination, such as on a busy street or at a bus stop.

The concept of the taxis can be traced back to ancient times. In ancient Greece, they were also referred to as mopeds. The concept of the taxis spread all over the world and later on the concept was adopted in Europe. The term “taxi” comes from the Latin word “taxare” which means a courier. These are common in different countries around the world and also used in many cities in the UK and in other countries around the globe. There are also some privately owned cabs which operate within a small area of a particular town or city.

Taxi as a means of transport

However, there are some major problems related to taxis. They have to adhere to all the legal requirements and regulations. Moreover, they do not have much knowledge about the routes or about how to drive the cabs. This problem faced by the cabs has to lead to a lot of complaints being filed against these vehicles. Most of the time, the complaints are about the service provided by the taxi drivers to the passenger and the safety aspect. This has caused the popularity of these taxis to decrease since many people find the service provided by the taxi drivers not very attractive. However, the recent revolution in the taxi business has made it more customer-friendly and affordable for people who are looking for transportation solutions.

Taxi in Carlisle

Taxis in the next 10 minutes time? Call us on 01228 812612. We are one of the reputed taxi company widely known for our reliable service. You can hire our taxi for local or for airport transfers. We have taxis with a variety of choices starting from Saloon and estate 4 seater taxis to 7 and 8 seater taxis to meet your requirements. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year. Carlisle Taxi is just a call away. Call our taxi numbers on 01228 812612 and 01228 812613 and book your taxi straight away.

Taxi rank

We take pride in our company and always go the extra mile to ensure we provide quality service to our customers

Carlisle Taxi – a variety of choices

We have taxis from saloon, 6 seaters, 7 seaters, and 8 seater vehicles to use for local taxi services or for Airport transfers. Let it be a wedding or a christening we are there to help you. Call us on 01228 812 612 and book your cab to travel with you near and dear ones together onboard.

7 seater and 8 seater taxi

4-6 seater taxi

Card Payments in our taxi

We accept all credit and debit cards. You have the option to pay by a card in all our cabs

All types of card payments accepted

This facility is available for airport and long-distance travelling customers only.

Carlisle Taxis

We believe your holiday should start from the moment you book your cab. That is why we ensure your journey to the Airport is as stress-free as possible. We regularly train our professional taxi drivers, They also have enormous experience with the airport transfers. Their experience and expertise should ease out all your journey tensions and help you to reach your destination on time and with no hassle.

Train and airport transfers

We transport our passengers to various Airports in the UK from Carlisle each year that’s why we should be your first choice when looking for the perfect transport.

We’re consistently adding new features to our Airport travel including;

Full flight tracking: Whether you arrive early or delayed, we’ll be waiting in arrivals when you are

Meet and Greet: Your driver will meet you in arrivals, displaying your name on a board

Executive travel: Arrive in style with our fleet of executive vehicles

Extra space: We have a wide variety of larger vehicles to accommodate that extra bag or extra person

SMS & ring-back: You’ll know when your taxi has arrived.

Dedicated booking number: Speak to one of our friendly booking offices today to arrange your airport transport on 01228 812 613

Train transfers: Have you come across a situation you have booked a train ticket to reach your airport and they cancel your train due to some inevitable circumstances? Don’t worry. Now we are here to help you. We will provide you with a cab which will pick you up and drop to your destination. All you need to do is to call us on the emergency line – 01228 812613

Taxi-Cab Business services

We are proud to offer an executive taxi service that boasts a high level of professionalism.

We understand how important first impressions are in the business world, and that’s why we aim to give passengers the luxury treatment at an affordable price, no matter how near or far the destination.

Benefits of our executive and business services include:

Weekly or monthly credit accounts

Save time and money

Enjoy our priority service

Dedicated hotline telephone number

Transport documents under secure conditions

Detailed invoicing

A dedicated customer service representative

Superior or prestige vehicle offerings

Your taxi is on the way – Just dial 01228 812612 | 01228 812613

Fully licensed by Carlisle City Council.

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